Barefoot Beats - Colyton High School WINNERS!

“Outstanding Project Promoting Social Cohesion and Community Harmony”

They were winners, in conjunction with the Neighbourhood Renewal Team, Penrith Council, in the category “Outstanding Project Promoting Social Cohesion and Community Harmony” at the Zest Awards.  Zest Awards celebrates the innovative and inspiring success that define and distinguish our communities in Western Sydney.  We had thirty students representing Colyton High School this year.

Barefoot Beats is a powerful dance-based project for students of Aboriginal, African and Pacific heritage at Colyton High School in 2016-2017 promoting cross-cultural awareness, creative collaborations and acceptance.  Powered by a team of culturally-diverse Western Sydney artists, students learnt traditional dance moves and costumes from Majeda-Beatty, Joe-Tau and Tele-Tuivanu while sharing their own legends with each other. 

Using storytelling through movement, students developed storyboards and worked with dance video artist Luke Frace-Mercado to create tow broadcast-quality micro-short films with the message ‘be yourself’.  The project has fostered respect and pride at school and at home as well as a hunger for more opportunities to interact, collaborate and create.



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